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Sapphire 00u3ehe22v71 Lux Vol-07

Sapphire 00u3ehe22v71 Lux Vol-07

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Sapphire 00u3ehe22v71;Lux Vol-07 ;

SHIRTDyed Embroidered Blended Organza Shirt Kali 7PCDyed Embroidered Shirt Back 2MDyed Embroidered Shirt Back & Front Body 0.66MDyed Embroidered Sleeves 1MViscose Thai Silk Slip 2MDyed Embroidered Borders 3PCFabric: Blended OrganzaColor: PinkTROUSERDyed Extra Weft Jacquard Trouser 2.5MFabric: Extra Weft JacquardColor: PinkDUPATTAPaste Printed Blended Organza Dupatta 2.5MFabric: Blended OrganzaColor: Pink

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