This Cookies Policy explains what Cookies are and how We use them. You should read this policy so You can understand what type of cookies We use, or the information We collect using Cookies and how that information is used. 

Cookies do not typically contain any information that personally identifies a user, but personal information that we store about You may be linked to the information stored in and obtained from Cookies. For further information on how We use, store and keep your personal data secure, see our Privacy Policy.

We do not store sensitive personal information, such as mailing addresses, account passwords, etc. in the Cookies We use.

  1. Explanation of what Cookies are:
  • Cookies are small files placed on a user’s computer or device by a website, containing information about the user’s browsing history on that site.
  • They serve various functions, such as remembering user preferences, authentication, and improving user experience.
  1. Purpose of the Cookies Policy:
  • The purpose of this Cookies Policy is to inform users about the types of cookies used on the website and how they are utilized.
  • It aims to provide transparency regarding the collection of information through cookies and how that information is used.
  1. Clarification on the relationship between Cookies and personal information:
  • While cookies themselves do not typically contain personally identifiable information, they may be linked to personal data stored by the website.
  • The Cookies Policy clarifies that any personal information stored in cookies is handled in accordance with the website’s Privacy Policy.
  • It assures users that sensitive personal information like mailing addresses or account passwords is not stored in cookies.
  1. Interpretation and Definitions
  2. Interpretation of capitalized words:
  • Capitalized words within the document have specific meanings assigned to them.
  • These interpretations remain consistent throughout the document, regardless of whether the words are used in singular or plural form.
  1. Definitions of key terms:
  • Company: Refers to the entity operating the website, in this case, Pakistani Clothes Uk.
  • Cookies: Small files placed on users’ devices by websites, containing browsing history and other information.
  • Website: Refers to the online platform accessible at
  • You: Denotes the individual accessing or using the website, as well as any legal entity on whose behalf the individual is acting.

Note: These definitions establish clarity on the meanings of crucial terms used throughout the Cookies Policy.

III. Company Information

  1. Identification of the Company:
  • The company referred to in the Cookies Policy is identified as Pakistani Clothes Uk.
  • It is addressed using terms such as “the Company,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our” throughout the policy.
  1. Reference to the website:
  • The website associated with the Company is identified as
  • This is the online platform where the Cookies Policy is applicable and where users access the services provided by Pakistani Clothes Uk.
  1. The Use of Cookies
  2. Explanation of types of Cookies:
  1. Persistent Cookies:
    • These cookies remain on the user’s device even after they close their web browser.
    • They are used to store information such as login details or user preferences for future visits.
  2. Session Cookies:
    • Session cookies are temporary and are deleted once the user closes their web browser.
    • They are used to maintain the user’s session, providing continuity and security during a browsing session.
  1. Purpose of using Cookies:
  1. Necessary / Essential Cookies:
    • These cookies are essential for providing services available through the website.
    • They help authenticate users and prevent fraudulent use of user accounts.
    • Necessary cookies are required for the proper functioning of the website, and without them, certain services may not be accessible.
  2. Functionality Cookies:
    • Functionality cookies allow the website to remember choices made by the user.
    • They store preferences such as login details, language preferences, or customization settings.
    • Functionality cookies enhance the user experience by providing a personalized browsing experience and eliminating the need to re-enter preferences repeatedly.
  1. Your Choices Regarding Cookies
  2. Instructions for avoiding the use of Cookies:
  1. Disabling Cookies in the browser:
    • Users can disable the use of cookies in their web browser settings.
    • This prevents websites from storing cookies on the user’s device.
  2. Deleting Cookies associated with the website:
    • Users can delete cookies associated with a specific website by accessing their browser settings.
    • This removes any existing cookies stored by the website from the user’s device.
  1. Consequences of not accepting Cookies:
  • Users who choose not to accept cookies may experience inconvenience while using the website.
  • Certain features may not function properly without the use of cookies.
  • The website may not be able to provide personalized experiences or remember user preferences effectively.
  1. Guidance for deleting or refusing Cookies in various web browsers:
  • Instructions for deleting or refusing cookies in popular web browsers are provided for user convenience.
  • Users are directed to the help pages of their respective web browsers for specific instructions:
    • Google Chrome: Link
    • Internet Explorer: Link
    • Mozilla Firefox: Link
    • Apple Safari: Link
  • Users are encouraged to refer to the official web pages of their web browsers for further assistance.


  1. Contact Information A. How to reach out with questions or concerns 1. Email 2. Website contact form 3. Phone number B. Company address and registration details



  1. Contact Information
  2. How to reach out with questions or concerns:
  1. Email:
    • Users can contact the company via email at [email protected] for any questions or concerns.
  2. Website contact form:
  3. Phone number:
    • Users can contact the company by phone at +44 7456 453626 for immediate assistance or inquiries.
  1. Company address and registration details:
  • Address: 128 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom
  • Company Number: 14864545

Note: Users are provided with multiple channels to contact the company for any questions, concerns, or inquiries. Additionally, the company’s address and registration details are provided for transparency and credibility.



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