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Flossie Fawn Queen La Florencia Formal

Flossie Fawn Queen La Florencia Formal

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Flossie Fawn Queen;La Florencia Formal ;

  • Embroidered chiffon front
  • Embroidered chiffon back
  • Embroidered chiffonkali
  • Embroidered chiffon bazu
  • Embroidered chiffon dupatta
  • Embroidered border for front (same organza)
  • Embroidered border for back (same organza)
  • Embroidered bazu kuff (same organza) (hand made)
  • Embroidered organza dupatta pallu patti (same organza)
  • Embroidered organza trouser patti (same organza)
  • Dyed trouser

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