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Sana Safinaz M233-020A-CP Muzlin Winter’23


Sana Safinaz M233-020A-CP Muzlin Winter’23

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Sana Safinaz M233-020a-Cp Muzlin Winter Collection ’23

Amidst a garden of art and craft, the shirt emerges as a living canvas, adorned with motifs that draw inspiration from robust blossoms and intricate trellis work. In harmonious partnership, it finds its counterpart in cotton pants, which gently convey a message of simplicity and comfort. Draped alongside is a printed pashmina shawl, embellished with patterns that pay homage to the bold motifs of the Mughal era, telling a vivid narrative of sartorial grace and cultural amalgamation.

Component DetailsMeasurement
Garment Details3 Pieces
Embroidered Kali On Dyed Slub3 Pieces
Dyed Back On Slub1.15 Meters
Embroidered Sleeves On Slub0.65 Meters
Embroidered Patti On Organza1 Meter
Printed Pashmina Shawl2.5 Meters
Dyed Cotton Pants2.5 Meters
Weight1 kg
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