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Maria B Mpc-205 Chiffon Collection’22

Maria B Mpc-205 Chiffon Collection’22

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Maria B Mpc-205;Chiffon Collection’22 ;

Embroidered Pure Chiffon Front JaalEmbroidered Pure Chiffon Sleeve JaalEmbroidered Hand Embellished Organza NecklineEmbroidered Organza Neck Patch LeftEmbroidered Organza Neck Patch RightPure Chiffon BackEmbroidered Organza Sleeve Motif RightEmbroidered Organza Sleeve Motif LeftEmbroidered Organza Ghera PatchEmbroidered Organza Ghera Patti Front and BackEmbroidered Pure Chiffon DupattaEmbroidered Organza Sleeve Patti and Dupatta PattiEmbroidered Organza Dupatta Pallu JaalEmbroidered Organza Dupatta Pallu Patchotton Satin UndershirtCotton Satin Trouser

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