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Iznik Irc-07 La Royale Luxury Edit

Iznik Irc-07 La Royale Luxury Edit

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Iznik Irc-07;La Royale Luxury Edit ;

Colour : PlumShirt Front: Embroidered Net with adda work (0.85 y)Shirt Back: Embroidered Net (0.85 y)Neckline: Embroidered velvet with adda work (1 Piece)Front & Back Lace : Embroidered Velvet (1.85 y)Sleeves: Embroidered Net with adda Work (0.70 y)Sleeves lace 01: Embroidered Velvet (1 y)Dupatta: Embroidered Pure Masoori Net (1.85 y)Dup Pallu: Embroidered Organza (0.70 y)Pallu Lace: Embroidered Velvet (2.75 y)Dup Lace: Embroidered Velvet (2 Sides)(5.5 y)Gott Lace: Embroidered Velvet (2.4 y)Trouser: Embroidered Net (2.75 y)Trouser Lining: Dyed Raw Silk (2.5 y)

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