Dholki Dress Trends 2024: What to Wear for Your Pre-Wedding Celebration

Dholki Dress Trends 2024: What To Wear For Your Pre-Wedding Celebration

A wedding is one of the most memorable occasions in everyone’s life. The celebrations are paired up with various events and gatherings. Dholki is one of the pre-wedding celebrations that is most common in ASIA. This is a way to celebrate the new start of the bride and groom’s journey. 

The trend of dresses is changing from time to time. More correctly, we can say that fusions and updated trends are released in the market. So keeping updated with the market is easy with

So, here in this article, we will discuss some of the top trends for dholki dresses in 2023. This will help you select a suitable option for yourself or your bridesmaids. Moreover, you can choose the one that suits your personal choice and comfort. Additionally, you can add modifications to your preference and style. 

Energetic Vibes Associated With Dholki Dress

Energetic Vibes

The term dholki dresses is originally related to the equipment, which is a small drum. This drum is used to celebrate and enjoy the beats. The overall pattern for this event is based on high energy. You will feel refreshed and relaxed in the gathering. People sing songs, dance, and eat together to enjoy the festivities of this occasion.

Dholki is primarily a gathering of close friends and families. So, heavily embellished outfits are not used. Instead, it is an elegant, comfortable, and stylish dholki dresses & outfit. Pakistani Dholki outfits are available in large variety since they work with a fusion of Eastern and Western.

Moreover, traditional work has been in trend for years due to the vibrant hue as well as the beauty of culture.

Now, let’s talk about the trending dholki outfits to elevate the dressing for your upcoming dholki event. The trends keep on evolving, even with minor adjustments. Fashion is like a ball that revolves around and brings forth a new trend. Sometimes, the old trends are revived with some fusion.  

Long Frocks Dresses for Dholki Event:

Long Frocks Dresses For Dholki Event

Dholki calls for dreamy attire with minimal embroidery and maximum flair. Since dance practices are going on, an outfit with great flair will increase the beauty of the dances. Moreover, you can take your favorite twirl shots in this dress, which is trending on social media.

You could choose a bright color palette to match the energy of the event. There are a lot of vibrant colors that you can choose from, such as orange, yellow, olive, green, pink, and many more. You can find a large variety of long frock at

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Anarkali Suits for Dholki Event:

Anarkali Suits For Dholki Event

Seek for variants that have a modern twist, such as Anarkali‘s cape. Floor-length patterns can produce a refined and majestic appearance. Moreover, the floor length and perfect flare will give you a great girly feel with the twirls. 

The Anarkali dresses have the front cut open to look more beautiful than the closed ones. The Anarkali dress should be paired with straight pants to enhance its look further.

Sharara Dresses for Dholki Event:

Sharara Dresses For Dholki Event

Sets of sharara are returning. This is a traditional dress For dholki celebrations. Fusions and combining with different styles make it one of the reasons why it never goes out of style. Shararas with short kurtis and minimal embellishments are appropriate. These clothes are a traditional way to celebrate joy. Meanwhile, it offers a contemporary style with a hint of tradition.

There are a lot of stylish sharara sets from different designers available at

You can play a lot around the color choices. Moreover, the contrast of colors is also a great way to add spice to the outfit.

Lehenga Choli Dresses for Dholki Event:

Lehenga Choli Dresses For Dholki Dresses For Dholki Event

This is one of our favorite options to make your event more joyful. A lehanga choli is a traditional dress that never goes out of fashion. The beauty of this attire is folded in the beautiful flare it offers. Moreover, it offers timeless elegance to make the festivities more memorable.

Lehenga Cholis is a traditional option for dholki gatherings. Consider a contemporary take on this traditional attire in 2023, including asymmetrical patterns or crop top lehengas. It is stylish to pair a short choli with a flared skirt.

The combinations are neverending since you can opt for a single color palette and multiple color contrasts. The vibrant colors would match the energy of the events. Try to opt for vibrant hues.

Short Shirt And Patiala Shawalar for Dholki Event:

Short Shirt Patiala Shawalar For Dholki Event

While talking about the traditional dresses for weddings, how can we forget the most traditional dress ever? Salwar suits are the most elegant yet stylish dresses to a dholki. Meanwhile, you can keep things simple if you are not a direct relative of the bride or groom. A shirt paired with a flared Patiala shalwar will bring the desi person inside. 

Also, you will continue admiring the beauty and elegance. Opting for light embroidery at the neck, bottom, and arms would be best. Moreover, a little bit of embellishments would make you stand out from the crowd.

Add a prominent pair of earrings to complement your Pakistani dholki outfits

Peplum With Sharara

Peplum With Shararashirt Patiala Shawalar For Dholki Event

Another statement dress for dholki night is a sharara with a peplum. This elegant attire looks classy on every physique. Moreover, it reciprocates the vibe of this simple yet joyful event. 

Beautiful embellishments are a great way to make this dress more attractive. You can find vibrant contrasting colors. Moreover, choosing the colors you love is up to you.

Long Shirt with Palazzo Sets

Long Shirt With Palazzo Sets

Palazzo pants look stylish and comfy for dholki parties when coupled with short shirts or kurtis with minimal embroidery. As in most cases, dholki’s are hosted in homes. So, it’s best to opt for a beautiful yet cozy attire. They make it simple to move around while dancing and having fun.

Sarees for Dholki Event:

Dholki Dress Trends 2024: What To Wear For Your Pre-Wedding Celebration

If you are someone who loves to add spice to your look for events, then a saree would do the job. A plain saree paired with some beautiful floral jewelry looks stunning. This is more like a show-stopper. The unmatched elegance associated with the saree is unexplainable. So, if you are looking for a unique look, opt for a saree this time, and you will never be disappointed.

For dholki occasions, draped sarees paired with contemporary blouses are a chic option. Try experimenting with various blouse designs, fabrics, and draping techniques. You can also go for banners as well as plan sarees.

What To Keep In Mind While Looking For A Dholki Outfit?

You can shop beautiful dholki outfits at The unlimited variety will make it easy for you to shop without switching multiple websites.

Bright Hues 

Bright Hues Dress For Dholki Event With Shararashirt Patiala Shawalar For Dholki Event

Eye-catching, vibrant hues are always fashionable during Dholki festivities. Look for vibrant hues, including vivid pinks, rich purples, and deep reds, in 2023. For individuals who like a softer look, pastel colors like powder blue and mint green may also be in style.

Comfortable Fabric

Comfortable Fabric For Dholki Dress With Shararashirt Patiala Shawalar For Dholki Event

While choosing the fabric, make sure it’s soft on the skin. Some fabrics are hard, so when you wear them for a long time, they make you uncomfortable. 


Opt for custom stitching or sizes that are not too loose or tight. Both cases will lead to uncomfortable feelings. Moreover, dancing will cause hindrances in performing your steps easily.

Stitching Service

Stitching Service Dress For Dholki

When it comes to clothing, the stitching is its backbone. No matter how beautiful the dress is, it will ruin the whole look if it’s stitched unprofessionally. So, opting for a professional tailor or a recommended designer is better.

Embroidery and Sequins

Embroidery Dress For Dholki Event

The popularity of traditional embroidery techniques such as zardozi, gota patti, and elaborate threadwork is expected to persist. If you want to create a statement with your dholki dress, sequins, and beading are great ways to add glitter.

The embroidery work is a great way to add sparkle to your outfit for the event. This makes you differently glowing from others. Moreover, it won’t be wrong to say that it accentuates your festive look.

Comfortable Attire

Comfortable Attire Dress For Dholki Event

If you are a comfort lover, comfort is the top priority of every person. So, whether it’s a short or long period, your comfort should be your main priority. Make sure to test the dresses beforehand. Check for any sharp edges or uneven parts to enjoy the event with full energy.


Jewelry For Dholki Event

Remember to add eye-catching jewelry to complete your look. Your dholki appearance can be finished with maang tikka, big earrings, and kundan and polki jewelry.


Shoes For Dholki Event

For dholki festivities, juttis or embroidered sandals are standard options. Seek alternatives that complement the hue and design of your attire. Heels are difficult to carry for everyone. Moreover, if you have to dance then heels are surely not a good option. Kusa are a traditional footwear that are in trends now. You can shop for a beautiful embroidered kusa to complete your look.

Hair and Makeup

Hair And Makeup For Dholki Event

Consider classic hairstyles like braids, buns, or loose curls. Makeup trends may include bold lip colors, winged eyeliner, and glowing, dewy skin.

What is a Dholki party?

A Dholki party is an informal and home-based celebration where family members and friends gather to sing songs, practice dances for the upcoming wedding, and engage in festive activities. Typically, this event is spontaneous, requiring minimal planning.

What is the Dholki tradition in Pakistan?

The Dholki tradition in Pakistan is an integral part of wedding celebrations, often combined with the Mehndi ceremony. During this event, the bride’s friends and siblings accompany her, marking a female-centric function where henna is applied to the bride. The festivities include singing and dancing to traditional songs. Both the bride and groom celebrate the Mehndi event separately, surrounded by their respective family and friends.

What culture is Dholki?

Dholki (ڈھولکی) is a cultural ceremony associated with wedding celebrations in Punjab. Named after the percussion instrument Dholki, this ceremony plays a significant role in the cultural fabric of Punjab’s wedding festivities.

What is the difference between Sangeet and Dholki?

The Sangeet and Dholki ceremonies are related pre-wedding events, with the Sangeet being a broader term encompassing various cultural practices. In the context of Punjabi weddings, the Sangeet is often specifically referred to as Dholki. While the Sangeet is a pre-wedding ceremony observed by many northern Indian communities, it is particularly popular among Punjabis and Gujaratis.

How long does Dholki last?

The Dholki, a Pakistani pre-celebration, typically takes place about one to two weeks before the main wedding celebrations. During this event, the bridal party, along with close friends and family members of the engaged couple, engages in traditional singing and dancing, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of a dholak drum.


Clothing has a massive role in the personality of individuals. This becomes essential in case of important events of life. Make your celebrations more joyful by opting for the perfect fit for dholki. Everyone knows how vital clothing is for women.

We have discussed the top trends of Pakistani Dholki outfits. Experiment with these trending styles with your favorite colors. We hope that our article was helpful for you and now you can choose the best outfit for yourself. Tell us in the comment section which style you will wear for the upcoming dholki.

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