Asim Jofa AJHJ-25 Designers Stitched


Asim Jofa AJHJ-25 Designers Stitched

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Asim Jofa AJHJ-25 Designers Stitched


Shining like a beacon of regal luxury, the golden embroidery on this emerald green peshwas is a testament to Asim Jofa’s exceptional skill and artistry. The intricate sinuous embroidery and motifs are meticulously crafted, making this ensemble a true work of art. The regal bottle green hue is further elevated by the stunning fabric, which shimmers and shines with unparalleled radiance. Every inch of this ensemble is richly adorned, culminating in a luxurious and awe-inspiring masterpiece that exudes glamour and sophistication. This piece of art is truly for a queen.

Embroidery technique:Zari & Sequins

Weight4 kg
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